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Don't Miss Out on the Perfect Home!

Around 50% of the home sales in Phoenix last year were done OUTSIDE of MLS. It's unfortunate that most buyers are missing out on half of the homes that are actually available.
Get new listings BEFORE they go live, before they hit Zillow, Trulia, or MLS. Bridget's clients regularly utilize her Priority Access List. By networking in the North Valley, she's able to find homes other buyers don't have access to yet.
Here's what Tanya and Rich M. had to say: “Bridget showed us 85 houses over a six month period. Finally found the right one. She has the most patience of any realtor in the valley! We never felt rushed or pressured to make a purchase.”
Why waste your time combing through the newspaper or hundreds of internet listings, the same ones everybody else is viewing? That information may be outdated by the time it's posted anyway. Having Priority Access allows you to be ahead of the curve, so you can negotiate the lowest possible price.

Top 3 Ways to Stay Ahead of Other Buyers!

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Your Exclusive Buyer Profile

Tell Bridget exactly what you're looking for in a home. List all of the home features that are most important to you including number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, location, schools, neighborhoods, price, and more. Fill out the form above to get started.

Locate Homes You'll Love

Bridget finds homes matching your distinctive style and preferences all across the North Valley, including bank foreclosures, company owned properties, and other distress sales.

Get Priority Access

You will be first in line to receive information, before other buyers, so you can negotiate the lowest price possible. You also save precious time by viewing homes in North Phoenix that have the features you're most excited about.